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Occupational Therapy at the Parkinson’s Disease Clinic Ortenau

It is our aim to enable the patient to be as independent as possible and have freedom of movement in everyday life by improving, restoring or compensating the patient’s impaired skills.

The following treatments, tailored to the patient’s individual needs, are applied:


Therapies offered


  • Training of everyday life activities with the goal of as high a level of independence as possible, e.g. when dressing or undressing
  • Training of transfers and change of body position
  • Advice on suitable aids and testing of aids
  • Development of strategies for food-intake
  • Writing exercises
  • Fine and gross motor training
  • Development of physiological movements
  • Development of compensation strategies
  • Sensory and perception exercises
  • Training of cognitive skills


Applied therapy concepts:


  • Bobath
  • Manual therapy of the upper extremities
  • Improvement of the scope of movement according to the LSVT BIG exercise program.


Therapy aids used:


  • Functional therapy aids, e.g. screwing board, therapeutic putty
  • Craft and creative therapy aids, e.g. rattan cane, silk painting, mosaics
  • Cognitive training using the COGPACK® software


For download: Hilfen im Alltag (pdf, 54 KB) (Aids for every-day life)