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Psychotherapy at the Parkinson’s Disease Clinic

Understandably, patients and their families often react with a feeling of insecurity when diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. For some patients it is difficult to motivate themselves to deal with everyday life, sometimes they may even withdraw from family and friends. Psychological guidance and support can help the patient as well as the family in dealing with this difficult situation, activating resources and opening up new situations.


Our services are tailored to your individual requirements:


Group offers:


  • Relaxation techniques (progressive muscle relaxation, autogenic training)
  • Training of cognitive abilities (“Brain Jogging”)
  • Discussion groups: Provision of specific information for dealing with the disease, exchange with other patients
  • Singing: Experiencing being part of a community, voice and breathing exercises




  • Testing of cognitive abilities
  • Clinical diagnosis (e.g. depression)
  • Testing of traffic-related cognitive factors (driving ability)




  • Individual counselling
  • Couple counselling, together with a relative


For families and relatives:


  • Support group for families and relatives
  • Counselling sessions for families and relatives