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Treatment Concept at the Parkinson’s Disease Clinic

The treatment of Parkinson’s disease and related motor disorders requires a complex holistic therapy concept which is adapted individually to the patient. The focus of the treatment concept at the Parkinson’s Disease Clinic Wolfach lies on:


  •    Medication-based treatment
  •     Physiotherapy
  •     Psychotherapy


These three main pillars are complemented with:


  •     Occupational therapy
  •     Speech therapy


The concept is complemented with methods from speech therapy and occupational therapy which form integral parts of the multi-module extensive combination therapy.

All treatment strategies are based on the latest scientific findings and constantly have to be adjusted to the changing clinical picture of the patient. The personal life situation is taken into account as well as the age, secondary illnesses and previous experience with medication. It is important to also involve the families and relatives in the therapy. The aim of the treatment is to significantly improve the motor and psychological skills of the patient through combined and integrated measures, to maintain the patient’s independence as long as possible and to prepare him for a best possible return to everyday life. Imperative for the success of the treatment is that the patient learns to implement the possibilities offered by the holistic treatment for himself.

The medication treatment which is tailored to the individual patient is usually a combination treatment of various drugs and complementary effective mechanisms. The same applies to psychiatric, internal and orthopaedic secondary illnesses.